Integrity Vision LLC (hereinafter – the “Company”) respects visitors and users of the website (hereinafter – the “Website”). Therefore, in order to maintain the confidentiality and protect the personal data of users/visitors of the Website, the Company has developed and implemented this Policy in the edition of March 26, 2019.


This Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy of Users of Website – (hereinafter – the “Policy”) is developed in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and the requirements of international rules, including according to the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as the GDPR). The Company has the right to introduce changes to the Policy at any time without a separate notice on such changes to the Website users/visitors.


The Company hereby informs users and visitors of the Website (hereinafter referred to as “the Site”), what data are collected and how they are used.


This Policy does not apply to other Websites and social media which links are posted on the Website. Use of any social media or other Internet resources associated with the Company’s Website may also be governed by separate confidentiality regulations or policies posted on relevant websites or social media.


1. What information we Collect, Process and Protect


The Company collects, processes and protects personal and non-personal data.


Personal data – information or collection of information on an individual that is identified or can be specifically identified. Personal data may include: name, surname, date of birth, address, e-mail address, telephone number, education, place of works, position and other identifying information.


Personal data may be used by the Company only after the user has given permission to process such data by filling out a registration form. To do this, next to the windows for entering personal data, the Company places a separate window to confirm the user’s consent to the Company’s Policy. After reading the Policy, you must agree the use of personal data by putting ✔ in the line with the text “I have read and accept the privacy policy”.


Non-personal data – non-personal data that include general information on visiting the Website that is not personal information and does not personally identify the user. For example, identification of  IP address, to reflect for number of visits to the Website.


Cookies – the files with a set of non-personal information that are stored in the equipment browser after visiting the site, and allow the company to track anonymous use of the Website by users, including the use and traffic statistics. But at the same time, cookies do not collect personal data.


The company undertakes to inform visitors / users of the Website about the use of cookies by displaying a notification in a pop-up window immediately after a user visits the Website. After reviewing the information indicated in the pop-up window for the proper operation of the Website on the device, you must accept and agree the use of cookies, by clicking on the appropriate button in the pop-up window (for example, “I accept”, “ok”, “agree”, etc.).


Cookies are usually divided into session and permanent ones. Session cookies help users to navigate the website efficiently, so that once requested during a session, the information should not be requested again. Session cookies are stored in temporary memory and erased when the browser is closed. Persistent cookies store user’s settings for current and future visits (for example, simplify site authorization – allow remembering user credentials). They are stored on computer’s hard drive or on mobile device’s storage and are activated when a user starts the browser. The company uses persistent cookies to store information, such as the language and country of the user.


A user may refuse of the use of cookies or block the previously loaded files on the Equipment, but such actions may adversely affect the usability of the Site.


Furthermore, any information provided by a user in public resources (blogs, social media, and etc.) and that is publicly accessible can be collected and used for personalization.


Collection and processing the not-personal data is made solely with the agrees of the user/visitor that is provided by the user/visitor by clicking button “I accept”, when visiting the Website.


By clicking button “I accept”, when visiting the Website, the user/visitor agrees for collection, processing and further use of his/her non-personal data for the purpose specified herein.


User’s/visitor’s personal data is kept within the time limits established by the applicable laws of Ukraine and GDPR. Personal data can be deleted at any time under the user’s request to the Company. The period for reviewing such request may not exceed 1 (one) month from the moment when the Company receives the request.


The user may also introduce changes to his/her personal data by sending the corresponding request for personal data correction to the Company. The period for reviewing such request may not exceed 1 (one) month from the moment when the Company receives the request.


2. Purpose of Personal Data Collection and Guarantees


The Company collects personal data for the purpose of its further use in marketing researches, promotions, marketing mailing, promotional offers, processing requests to the marketing department, sales department and support service. Data collection is also carried out from users who are potential candidates for employment and apply to the person responsible for recruitment to the Company.


The Company guarantees that the Website’s users/visitors personal data will not be used for any purpose other than that defined hereby.


The Company provides the opportunity for the Website’s users/visitors to refuse marketing mailing and promotional offers. The refuse of personal data use for marketing purposes is provided with feedback, the user/visitor sends the corresponding notice to the Company’s e-mail specified herein.


The Company guarantees that the Website’s user/visitor personal data will not be transferred to third parties, and guarantees to take all necessary measures for personal data protection, except cases provided for by the applicable laws of Ukraine and GDPR (reasoned requests from controlling bodies) and for Integrity Vision LLC legal rights and interests’ protection.


The exception is the provision of personal data in case if the Company receives an official request from public authorities authorized to collect such information.


3. Storing Personal Data


The Company guarantees that all necessary measures are taken to protect and storage unauthorized distribution of personal data.


All files with personal data are encrypted. Access to encrypted personal data is provided to those Company’s employees who directly provide the user with additional information on the Company’s services and products, and provide answers for user’s/visitor’s requests. Such employees are warned about responsibility for unauthorized distribution of personal data. Disciplinary penalties are applied to employees who violated this Policy or were found guilty for personal data disclosure.


In case of personal data unauthorized disclosure/distribution threat, the user will be notified of such threat and measures protection of personal data, which will be taken by the Company.


The user can contact the Company at any time with the request and find out what user’s personal data is kept. The request shall be answered within 1 (one) month from the date of receipt by the Company. If the personal data is obsolete and not actual, the user can submit the request and the data will be updated.


The territory of storing and processing the personal data is Ukraine, and other countries of the world, where the Company’s servers and/or servers used by the Company to operate the Website may be located. Any relevant processing and retaining the personal data may take place outside the European Economic Area.


4. Targeted advertising


The company may use cookies, Google Remarketing Tag, Facebook Pixel and other advertising technologies in order to direct users to advertising according to individual interests and preferences.


The User can see personalized Company’s advertising on the Internet, which is based on the interests of the User. This data gives the Company the opportunity to customize the appeal to the user, as well as to use contextual advertising and personalize the offer of services. The company uses this information to display advertising that may be of interest to the user / potential customer. This process helps the Company evaluate the effectiveness of marketing tools and advertising campaigns. The user can opt out of targeted advertising by visiting the following sites:


The company draws attention to the fact that even after disabling this feature, the user can still see advertising on the Internet, but it will not be aimed at the individual interests of the User.


5. Contacts

All requests on understanding of this Policy, applications, notices and offers are sent to the following e-mail and/or by telephone: +38 (044) 597 10 70.


The redaction is as of  May 15, 2020.

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