3d All-Ukrainian IT Security Conference UA.SC 2018

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On November 28, the third All-Ukrainian IT-Security Conference UA.SC 2018 was held. This year, in one day, we gathered more than 400 participants and 24 speakers, who shared the most relevant business protection tools and successful threat prevention cases.

Today, the topic of cybersecurity is acute for Ukrainian business, government agencies, as well as for every Internet user. Almost every day, we are exposed to various cyberdangers – ranging from leaks of confidential information to hacking and destruction of critical data. Therefore, knowledge of all sorts of ways how to protect and save data is a key tool for an information security specialist. However, there is a shortage of professional knowledge in the market – there are not so many specialized courses, trainings and seminars, but attacks, meanwhile, are becoming increasingly difficult.

In order to raise awareness of various IT security issues, the UA.SC conference expands annually, invites an increasing number of vendors to participate and provides participants with high-quality information from the first hand. UA.SC – is a large community, that gathers the best specialists to exchange experience and find the most effective solutions.

The opening of the conference traditionally began with the security trends for 2019 from the Head of Information Security Integrity Vision, the conference organizer, Oleg Polovinko:

  • State-sponsored groups – they won first place because they use all sorts of cyberattacks. Our country has been in a state of war for 5 years in a row and cyberspace is the main platform for military actions. As the experience of the attack on the US Democratic Party in 2016 showed, you can influence even on the elections! And we have only 4 months before the elections in Ukraine;
  • Cryptominers supplant cryptographers-extortionists. Ransomware have proven themselves in 2017, but are still relevant. They have become more targeted and aimed at companies that are easier to pay and not advertise losses. But they were pressed by cryptominers, which can capture up to 65% of processor power, according to statistics, 42% of companies were attacked by liners. Given the decline in the concurrency market, a return to cryptographers is possible;
  • Security Orchestration is practically one of the most important tasks for CISO in the near future. It is important to know how to manage a growing portfolio of projects, a large number of solutions, a list of threats and to see the whole picture;
  • Artificial intelligence – is the trend for the second year in a row. If before artificial intelligence was just an assistant for us, now it just needs to be implemented in various projects and technologies. The reason for this is the results of studies that show the use of machine learning for attacks.
  • Cloud Security – clouds are present in the infrastructure of each company. Change the perimeter of the company, security interaction, user authentication. All these questions are relevant to IB.

The conference was represented by security experts from companies such as IBM Security, Qualys, Symantec, Microsoft, Flowmon Networks, SOC Prime, Check Point Software Technologies, ElectricIQ, Mobileiron, OneSpan, Oberig IT, Trend Micro, Fidelis Security, Netwell Ukraine, National Bank of Ukraine and others.

An important advantage of the conference is the profile streams. Business flow – for business owners and executives, here was reports on intellectual security, security orchestration, corporate protection strategies, GDPR, integrated use of SIEM, and so on. The technical flow is for security department managers and engineers; they discussed methods for increasing attack response speed, Threat Intelligence, cloud protection technology, machine learning to protect digital business, gateways for secure access, and control of privileged users. Workshop-flow – for engineers and computer network administrators. In this zone, participants could get acquainted with the live work of cloud and mobile security products, with technology traps and interception of cyberattacks, technologies to prevent zero-day attacks and many others. Workshop-flow – became an excellent opportunity for a detailed acquaintance with the features of slaves products for those who do not have time for pilot testing within their organizations. The vendors here revealed all the secrets of their decisions, starting from the interface and ending with the statistics on the results of the work.

“The speciality of our event is that we never impose a choice of solutions. We collect vendors in one place, we present them the opportunity to share real-life cases and showcase their products. And the participants of UA.SC get the opportunity to get acquainted with new products, make sure of the effectiveness of certain tools and make an independent, informed choice. We, as a system integrator, understand that when choosing a solution to ensure information security, we must take into account the many features of the company’s IT infrastructure, as well as the specifics of the business. Therefore, our task – is to provide the maximum list of necessary data for the successful solution of the tasks of each participant of the conference, ”

noted Inna Solovyova,

CEO of Integrity Vision, organizer of the conference.

Who could not attend the conference UA.SC 2018 – all video materials will soon be collected on the UA.SC YouTube channel. And also, we are already starting preparing for the fourth All-Ukrainian IT Security Conference – UA.SC 2019, so we are waiting for you!

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