New competency VMware Server Virtualization Solution

Integrity Vision has confirmed its status as an expert in the development and implementation of virtual systems, receiving a new level of specialization from VMware.

This level signifies the fulfillment of all requirements for training and certification of our

specialists in the creator’s program. In addition, the competency characterizes Integrity Vision as a reliable partner who possesses the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide professional advice to customers and implement more effective solutions for infrastructure virtualization of any complexity.

We are proud of our employees and are pleased that the new VMware Server Virtualization Solution specialization provides new, more advanced services for our customers.

About VMware: company is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and enterprise mobility. The company provides reliable virtualization solutions that reduce the complexity of computational processes. They also contribute to the implementation of a flexible and efficient service model that does not threaten security and management. Thanks to this, in 2019, the company has more than 500,000 customers and 75,000 partners worldwide.

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