Tug of war, skiing and even a plank marathon. It seems that the “INTEGRITY SUMMER DAY 2018” has just passed. This year, our annual corporate party began with the words: “Our Olympians have arrived!”

This time we use the main historical sporting event, the Olympic Games, as the basis of the corporate party. Since the competition symbolized the unification of peoples, our goal was to unite the directions of the company.

A friendly atmosphere was all around, people helped and supported each other, even despite the fact that our team consists of strong and competitive people, each of whom knows how to fight and win.

We would like to tell that no one was bored, because there were a lot of different activities. Individual and group sports disciplines, physical activity and a clash of minds, water procedures and musical jams. Anyone could realize himself in that activities in which he is a master or do that things that he always wanted to test himself in.

We also draw your attention to the fact that this time the victory was given not according to the “Faster, Higher, Stronger” principle, but to the most active Olympian who managed to pass as many trials as possible. As a result, the results were distributed as follows: Artem Likhtorovych took bronze, Pidhornyi Anton – silver, and gold rightly went to Sergey Gorobets. Congratulations on your victory!

We look forward to the next joint holiday and are already generating new ideas for its implementation. In the meantime, enjoy warm memories and thanks everyone who was with us. We wish you new victories, the most powerful, sports and beloved Integrity Vision team.

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