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Today IBM Think 2018 Forum was held in Kiev. They talked about artificial intelligence, cyber-security, modern technologies and their impact on business.

“Time to change the world for the better with new technologies”

Valery Shlyakhov, IBM CEO in Ukraine, spoke about the trends in the unstructured data market. The amount of unstructured data in the world is growing exponentially. According to analysts, by 2020 the volume of AI will be 44 zettabytes, and industry-specific applications with elements of artificial intelligence will become the top choice in business. Artificial intelligence is the area in which the IT industry is moving.

Peter Hedges Senior Advisor, IBM CEE’s cognitive business, outlined the five most important considerations for working with artificial intelligence:

1. Artificial intelligence is not HYIP, it has already come and it is already with us in devices and in the environment: in the phone, news services, spam filters;

2. Okay. We are talking about AI, but why is this all? Artificial intelligence is a technology that helps to find new opportunities or completely restructure the business. We do not create artificial intelligence for the sake of AI;

3. AI skills are assessed by customers, organizations, the government – and this is a problem faced when introducing artificial intelligence in an enterprise. After all, the market does not have time to prepare new qualified personnel in this area in order to evaluate and analyze data;

4. You must have a collective team sport. According to IBM, 80 percent or more of organizations succeed if they use AI when they have a team that is in charge of it. Analysts, IT department, developers should be components of the project from the very beginning;

5. We start small but think big. The main word is to start. There is an advantage for those who start earlier, because there will always be a gap between you and the competitors who started later, they still have to go the way that you have already passed.

Herve Rolland, vice president of industrial solutions for IBM, identified 3 main aspects of internal business transformation, including:

  • cognitive operation – in fact, improving the efficiency of technology;
  • optimization of the supply chain – their tracking and establishment;
  • internal transformation must be coupled with external.

Start small, but think big

Jonathan Wiesler, head of the IBM cloud infrastructure department, drew attention to the fact that, despite the emergence of new technologies, the old ones still exist: there are still large computers, personal computers, and the Internet. Successful are companies that combine these three categories together. AI is a person and a machine together, it is a mass of data that allows you to interact with clients, and the client is the main thing in business.

Nicholas Drury – a global leader in banking, has opened up the future of the banking industry and those innovations without which banks will no longer work effectively. Among them:

  • Mobile directions – many now work through mobile applications, especially those who have many clients, this allows them to take control even beyond the borders of the country;
  • Compliance with regulatory provisions – without this, the costly part rises, it is not possible to immediately fulfill all obligations;
  • Cybersecurity – threats are increasing, you need to be ahead of events, to collect data on banking systems, both in the front and in back offices;
  • Blockchain – you need to apply to build trust and restructure business processes;
  • The competition for digital developments – the person and the machine work together, but it is necessary that the right people stand at the helm of these new technologies, because new technologies appear faster than the number of qualified specialists who are ready to test them increases.

IBM has been a key partner since Integrity Vision was founded. We always move in the same direction with them and strive to be in the trend of the trends of the IT market and new technologies. Our experts will select the most effective solution for the needs of your business, whether it be integration services, business process automation, mobile directions, cyber-security, or the introduction of artificial intelligence.

We will find an effective solution for any of your request!

Solution for evolution

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