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Leadership is the ability to achieve extraordinary results from ordinary people.

Brian Tracy

Every company that achieves high-profile successes in its business niche, joyfully states how long and hard the team has fought for this victory. The team members were equally involved in the process and everyone put their own brick in this building. But it is important to remember that behind this zeal, purposefulness and cohesion of many employees is one person who pushes for high achievements and inspires to create.

In Integrity Vision, such a leader is Inna Solovyova. She constantly inspires employees, develops them, personal and professional growth, supports even the craziest idea and moves in one direction and on the same wavelength with us.

Ambitious goals, the adoption of new challenges, the initiative to create new directions, the focus on the result – so you can characterize Inna as the head of the company. Thanks to her mentoring, a copy of Integrity Vision achievements this year is supplemented by the award of IBM – “TOP Cross-Brand CIS Business Partner of 2017”!

In addition to effective partnership and wise leadership, Inna Solovyova always deals with her own development, which also encourages us to change and improve in life. Over the past half of the year, thanks to Inna, her faith in herself and in virtue of good, the company has changed the format of life for healthy food, yoga and participation in developing sports marathons.

On August 8, Inna Solovyova became the new General Director of Integrity Vision. Among the list of global brands of the rating of the media organization, Fortune Global 500 of 2018, only 12 (twelve) companies are run by women. To the list of businesses where a woman is CEO, such giants include: General Motors, IBM, PepsiCo, Oracle and others. We are sure that under the guidance of our Inna Integrity Vision will grow to such volumes and will be mentioned in the same list with these companies!

People ask what is the difference between a leader and a boss. Leader leads, and the boss manages.

Theodore Roosevelt

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