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This week, the IT community received the information about replacing previously used by Apple VMware virtualization software with Open Source solution. This decision will bring the producer of “Apple” products millions of dollars saving without losing quality.

CRN, relating to its own sources, reported that the corporation refused to renew Apple corporate license agreement (Enterprise License Agreement, ELA) with VMware because of the differences in the conditions of the contract. Previously, Apple used in their IT infrastructure server virtualization and management software cloud computing offered by VMware. Cooperation of these companies started in 2011, and four years later it was unilaterally decided to suspend the partnership.

During lastt years there was a strong tendency to increase of the demand for free software is Open Source, which can functionally substitute solutions, similar to VMware. With the rise of smartphones and cloud solutions data centers that can meet the rapidly soaring demand started growing. This means that the license fees as a form of VMware requirements will be a huge headache for companies such as Apple, which run huge data centers for the sale of applications, content and promotion of software updates.

According to preliminary estimates, the extension of the contract would cost Apple’s $ 20 million. After evaluating the software market in its class, Apple corporation chose a similar functionality decision Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM), which is promoted by IBM (the largest partner of Apple in the market for corporate sales) and Red Hat (a leading developer of open source solutions).

Kernel Virtual Machine is available in Ukraine. As a partner of IBM and Red Hat, Integrity Vision offers customers actual integration open source solutions from the leaders of the world IT market.

KVM performs many of the functions which ESXi from VMware performs, but it is much cheaper. The fact that Apple is ready to replace ESXi on KVM as a key corporate system indicates the recognition of large companies IT – systems with open-source platform. Being Open Source system, KVM does not involve a fixed vendor and organizations may choose to freely move their load in competing virtual machines.

Choosing open source software, the client company will save a substantial amount on licensing, maintaining high quality software. Integrity Vision has in portfolio various Open Source solutions for customers who are looking for a reasonable balance between the price and the level of software.

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