9 years of the company: birthday

On April 19, Integrity Vision celebrated its birthday. This year we turned 9 years old, and we decided to dedicate this day to good deeds.

We like to do non-standard healthy things, to bring good and warmth to our partners and customers. Today we celebrate our birthday and we do it in a special way. There are many hearts on earth that lack love, kindness, warmth and care. Therefore, today, on the birthday of our company, we armed ourselves with tassels, screwdrivers, felt-tip pens, paints and made wonderful toys for children, gingerbreads and a development. And we will transfer all this to the orphanage. Let’s make the world a better place!

Integrity Vision CEO

Inna Soloviova

The morning began with the small surprises – on the table the staff waited for a note with gratitude. The company said thanks to everyone, not only for the professional qualities, but also for the individual characteristics of people.

All meeting rooms turned into workshops, where everyone could choose a case to their liking. The furniture assembly, its painting, creation of bizybord, confectionery – in each of these points we created beautiful and useful things that were given to the children from the baby house.

Everything that happened on this day inside the company is a real manifestation of care and team spirit.

Be bright – feel the light inside!

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