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On the 7th of October, the ninth all-Ukrainian Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon 2018 race took place. Integrity Vision took part in the corporate segment, breaking the distance of Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon Relay 3 * 10km + 1 * 12km, making a total of 42 km. In such a relay, 323 teams took part, but at the same time, among all the runners from IT companies, Integrity Vision finished third with a time of 3:37:15. Our winners told them what difficulties they faced and what inspired them to run.

Yaroslav Kladnitsky, sales manager. Ran a distance of 10 kilometers in 55 minutes 52 seconds.

“In fact, I got into the race unexpectedly  – I did it only to support the team. We had to make a replacement and I understood that the full composition of the team was necessary for the participation of the company and, of course, I agreed. I`m not very strong runner, but I understood that no matter what: I will run, I will reach, I will crawl to the finish. Running is not easy. But if you know a couple of lifehacks, then you can simplify this process. For example, at what speed you started – with the same speed you need to run the whole distance, you cannot start quickly running from the beginning. Also, it is important to learn how to drink water – it is impossible to drink a lot of water in one gulp, it kills breath and will only make the whole process worse. I want to say that this race brought me a lot of drive and emotions, especially when I found out that we got the 3rd place among IT companies. In addition, it was nice to be in the right place at the right time with the necessary physical training that the bar gives me, horizontal bars and participation in other sports activities that are held by our company.”

Anya Khudenko, Public Sector Specialist. Ran a distance of 10 kilometers in 55 minutes and 34 seconds.

“I have never run more than 7 kilometers and therefore for me a distance of 10 kilometers became a challenge. I did not understand how I could run, but inside I could only feel calm, and I was able to believe in myself thanks to the support of the team. I had the most difficult distance, and as I climbed up, I felt that I was losing pace, but kept repeating to myself that I was a champion and visualization in my head with the feelings that my colleagues were waiting for me at the end of the route helped me to achieve the result. I was very inspired that when you run, and, it would seem, you no longer have the strength – people support you, and some kid gives you “five” along the way. In general, the feeling that you are 15,000 and all of you – participants in this action – gave a lot of strength and energy. For me, the process was more interesting, and not the victory itself ”.



Oleg Polovinko, Head of Cyber ​​Security Department. Ran a distance of 10 kilometers in 51 minutes and 12 seconds.

“The most important thing is going beyond one’s own abilities. I have never run such a distance, even for a while. But we are a team, and therefore I decided to take part with others. When we trained, we ran maximum of 7 kilometers. This was my first such race, before I did not take part either in marathons or in relays of this kind. What impressed me most – was the atmosphere of support. When you run, tired, you realize that there are several kilometers ahead, and on the way everything from small to large waving to you, clapping, giving five and supporting by any other means – this gives you a breath of fresh air. Initially, I thought that 10 kilometers would be much more difficult and I was saving power until the last moment, because at the end there was a lift, which I did not understand how to run. Now I realize that I could run faster. After the event, I had an idea to run a half marathon, maybe I will do it next year. I like the fact that we have such an event, which gives an opportunity within the company to maintain a healthy lifestyle and use it ”.



Denys Chuev, business analyst. Ran a distance of 12 kilometers in 58 minutes and 56 seconds.

“Since I previously participated in such events, I had the idea to assemble such a team in Integrity Vision and compete for the victory. We analyzed the results of past years and calculated the result with which we can enter the winners and then we chose people. Despite the fact that the team changed on the last day due to the flu epidemic, we were in a fighting mood. In fact, I have not yet recovered myself, and decided that I had to run very quickly at the beginning, even though it was wrong, but it gave my result. The organization of the race itself, as always – at a high level. In order to run you need to know the physiology of your body, you can not run through “I can not.” In addition, you need to alternate training and run both long distances and short distances: one day – 20 kilometers, but slowly, the other – 2 kilometers, but quickly. You must constantly increase your score. If it’s difficult to get up early in the morning, it’s better to run in the evenings. For me, running is not only a sport, it is an opportunity to feel like a particle of something big, to participate in a mass event. You will not have another opportunity to run through the old streets of the city, which is blocked for you. Everyone honks, and you run, everyone is unhappy, and you keep running. ”


Denys, Anya, Oleg, Yaroslav and the flag of Integrity Vision attended the gala dinner and received a statuette as a prize for the 3rd place. Now this figurine reminds us all about the achievements of the company and inspires new achievements.

Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon, wait for us at the next race!

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