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Every month we follow the news of the IT-world. This year, in addition to discussing this in the office, we want to constantly share with you a selection of useful and interesting information.

And we begin the first issue – a digest for January 2019.

Testing. And so, for those, who interested in testing – an informative article with a selection of materials about research testing. You will learn how to manage this kind of testing and why you need it.

About Python. You already know how to get beautiful and interactive visualization with one line in Python? Not? Then read.

Data Science. The main information in the Mindmap: the concepts and methods of data that revolutionized the business environment and have become key to making decisions based on data.

Work in a team of developers. For people, who working in a team – an interesting selection of fan behavior patterns. Look, have fun, find yourself, find your colleague and send him, let him have fun too.

Analyst tables. In the work of the analyst, the question sometimes arises as to which table to choose in order to efficiently display the data and not get lost in them neither by the client himself. Specific examples of how to and should not be done read on DOU.

What about vulnerabilities? In addition, we warn that this month someone posted on the Internet database of registration data of 2.6 billion records. Collected data from hundreds of sources over the years. This is the largest database of merged email-addresses and passwords – 1 billion unique combinations.

Is it possible to check if your address is in this list? You can, on this service by email-address and password. And suddenly you will find yourself in this list, we advise you: immediately change your password!

Market news. The undoubted giant – Apple Inc. lowers its revenue forecast for Q1 2019. The CEO of the corporation, Tim Cook, doesn’t see any problems in this – according to him, Apple has never held so firmly and confidently as a business, for one reason: amid falling sales smartphones – revenue from services is growing. Why priority number one for large companies are services, and not hardware, read the material.

Not about IT, but about the work of the brain. At the end of the January digest, we invite you to view the webinar about the excellent student syndrome. Why is it worth the time to do this? Excellent student syndrome is a brake on business, and this webinar will answer these questions:

Is it possible to turn the “Excellent Syndrome” to your advantage? What if you noticed behind a tendency to do everything at least 100% and increased demands on others, which borders on conflicts? What to do if you are accustomed to “finish reading to the end” first, and then try to apply what you have learned? Is it possible to be a leader for a business and not to overstep the internal, personal quality standard in work?

And finally, see a great social video about what “5 likes” are and what they can lead to. Advertising campaign #5foraddiction in order to reflect on the impact of social networks on our lives.

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