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The art of a commander, a design pattern, an activity plan — these and other definitions are means “strategy”. Why do we use it? Surely everyone will answer: “for avoiding erroneous actions or minimize their number”. When we decide to make our own business, create a favorable offer for customers, look for a new job or choose a new computer, we always try to achieve the best result. It is difficult to imagine actions that we do not think through in advance, especially when we are responsible for them. The question is, can we use strategy not only in business but also every day? The fact is that you either know how to think effectively all the time or not. Today we’ll talk about how to learn this.

Looking for the reason of failure

What do we do when our computer crashes? Most hire a master to fix it. More independent users sort out a problem independently, trying to find answers on the Internet or from friends who have encountered a similar situation. But what do we do when we have problems that break our plans? We try to understand how this happened and why? It often happens that our spiritual searches are actually self-flagellation, and then, instead of helping ourselves, we don’t. Why, in the case of technology, we approach the issue professionally, but to ourselves negligently? Is there really no other options besides helping of psychologist, and we are not able to  understand ourselves independently? Of course, we can. It is just necessary, as in the case of technology, to choose the right algorithm.

If you want to divide your case into atoms in order to understand its nature and cause-effect relationship, then the Problem Frame will come to the rescue. The essence of this method is that you again have to ask yourself a number of simple questions, but you have to be honest with yourself otherwise, this will not work.

Problem Frame:

  • What is the problem?
  • How long has it been going on?
  • Who is guilty?
  • Why haven’t you still solved it?
  • Why do you make excuses?

Ask yourself several times and you will be surprised. At the very least, you will more clearly understand what is happening. But maybe you will feel better, the problem will not seem so hopeless and, perhaps, it will not be at all what you originally imagined.

Only goals no obstacles 

The following strategy is suitable for a clear understanding of the goal and various options for achieving it. As in the previous case, the algorithm is based on our answers for questions.

Familiarize yourself with the Solution Frame:

  • What do I want to achieve?
  • How can I do this?
  • Who or what can help?
  • Who or what can interfere?
  • If there were other possible solutions, what would they be?
  • What can you learn by solving this problem?
  • If you chose the most optimal solution, what would it be?

Sometimes choosing a strategy of behavior, we choose not the best, but the template – the path of the least resistance that we have already done. Our brain, as a technique, is trying to offer us the last successful action, but it is not always the best one. Flexibility and multi variance are the main advantages of this method. Using the Solution Framework, you can take a fresh look at the situation and see alternatives that you did not think of at first.

 Problem Frame vs Solution Frame: which one is better?

Remember: there is no better or worse option. The main thing you should learn is not to get stuck in just only one. Do not forget about regularity. Train your tricks more often, analyzing your affairs. You simply will not notice that you use them automatically. This will mean that your brain is rebuilt. Try it. If it will affects you effectively, share your thinking strategies with your friends and colleagues and tell us how it has helped you. We will tell you about our team and that how the algorithms helped us.

Wide view of things

Knowledge of Problem Frame and Solution Frame allowed me to look broader at emerging situations and get out of a non-resource state quickly.

The Problem Frame has helped me speed up the process of achieving goals in the negotiations. With it, I identify weaknesses and save my resources.

Practicing the Solution Frame, the focus of attention changed to the search for options for achieving goals and flexibility in making of decisions. The result was getting the next skills:

– Converting of problems into tasks;

– The ability of managing negotiations easily;

– The completion of negotiations at the time i need;

– Focusing attention not only on achieving goals, but also on a negotiation process at the same time, which allows you to keep the structure.

As a result, the Solution Frame has become for me a way of life that I always want to be in.

Yulia Andriichuk

Key Account Manager

Large-scale goals, multivariate solutions

From the moment I started to use the Solution Frame tool in my life, a lot has changed. The main thing, probably, is that I basically believe that everything is possible! It is only necessary to find the right approach and the necessary resources for implementation. Those goals that I set for myself in work and in my personal life began to become more large-scale, and decisions to achieve that i want became multivariate. After the first time of using the strategy my brain was rebuilt and now, when I encounter a problem, the first thing that comes to my mind is: how can I solve it, choose the most optimal path from the available ones, work out workarounds and plans a, b, c and t .d., in case something goes wrong. The fears of possible failures and that the goal may not be achieved has become a thing of the past. You need to try, believe, and everything will succeed!

Mila Podgornaya

Head of Software Solutions

Improving the quality of solutions

Previously, not knowing about this technique, in a difficult situation, or as we say “adventure”, I looked for a fast way out and didn’t particularly ask myself why it had happened, or what caused it.

Now, when I look at the world with the Solution Frame, I am sure that in every difficult task there are several ways out, I understand the causes and consequences of the situations. And if I don’t find a solution at the moment, then I know that it is just necessary to use the Solution Frame and due to that the time is significantly shorted and high-quality options for resolving the situation are generated.

I use the Problem Frame in the cases when it is necessary to realize the cause of the certain problem for finding factors that have to be eliminated, corrected or made them more explicit.

Now I use both tools daily in my professional work to improve the quality of solutions that I create and offer.

Yaroslav Kladnytskyi

Key Account Manager

Effectiveness = Success

Treat yourself responsibly, use your resource rationally and achieve the best results. Do not forget to persistently train the “Problem Frame” and “Solution Frame” strategies, believe in yourself and the concept of “problem” will simply cease to exist for you, and goals will be attainable. As it says, “Work smart, not hard.”

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