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Have you ever wondered what the designer’s tricks and pains give in one combination? We at Integrity Vision for a long time thought about this issue, discussed with our IT departments and found the answer. Moreover, we learned what tricks and skills testers use and what drives developers out of themselves.


What tricks and skills does an ideal tester know, with which bugs are detected immediately, testing is lightning fast, and the customer returns because they liked it? We were told by the guys from the Integrity Vision testing department.

Control is the main job of the tester. As soon as you see that the functional does not work as described, the red button immediately lights up, and after the fire – we decide: either to change the requirements, or the implementation.

The activity of the tester is a guarantee that you will receive testing tasks at the right time and you will have enough time to perform qualitatively and quickly. But you will not be told about this in advance, you need to be able to ask yourself and follow the news on the project.

A sense of humor should be present, but in moderation. This is when, after regression testing, you tell the developer that you found only 1 minor error, he immediately rejoices. After waiting for a pause, you report that in addition to one minor, I found 3 blockers and 8 critical ones. As you can see, this is not about us, we have – not in moderation.

Is able not at the computer or at the computer, but very, very carefully again. After all, a hungry tester = an evil tester. A tester without a computer = not a tester.

Stress-resistance is our everything, especially in the case of:

  • when you test the project 4 hours before the demonstration to the customer, but you need a minimum of 8.
  • when the 5th time you explain with a smile (stretched, of course) to the customer that the system will not work independently, without user keystrokes.

Creativity saves in choosing the testing methods and approaches to testing, because our task is to put ourselves in the place of users and to anticipate in advance what irrational and illogical steps for the system they will do, whether it be 5-year-old children or advanced retirees.

Politeness is present in the conversation with the customer, even if he is firmly convinced that he has found a bug, and persistently proves it to you. It does not matter what is really a feature.

The charm is included 100% when you find an error in the functionality that passed the testing yesterday. And then the developer will go to your meeting more than once just because he respects you.


The Integrity Vision development team told us about a completely different side of its work: those things that are present in their lives constantly, but not always in the best way.

Polyglotism in a computer way. Each programmer knows many languages. However, it is difficult to communicate with other people, because if you explain in your own way, no one understands, only they get the phone from the pocket and google.

Reaction is the speed of light. Programmers have time to fix the bug before it is detected by testers or customers. Good programmers know how to do it, bad people do it too.

Communication with the customer. Sometimes there is a feeling that the customer is waiting for the programmer extrasensory abilities. Clients even say so themselves: “Yes, it’s done as indicated in the technical assignment, but I did not have it at all”. And the terms are compressed, and what was meant there is to be understood independently and in advance, preferably before getting the TOR.

Detective in life. When we hear: “I did nothing, and it itself broke” – Sherlock Holmes’s abilities manifest themselves to find out exactly what the user “did not do”, that it was so broken.

Humor inside. Humor developers are difficult to understand, because usually our jokes are called sarcasm, which no one understands (except ourselves). In the end, who else bursts into laughter, just reading the code?

Creative – not about us. Why invent a bicycle, if someone else has already done this for you? We just need to find it: we are looking for solutions, but we do not invent them.

You’re a programmer. Everyone says, “You’re a programmer.” And it does not matter, it is appropriate or completely inappropriate. And yes, people think that you can repair the kettle only because you are a programmer. In the end, you still repair the kettle.

Automation is off scale. Sometimes you are so processed that you do not notice how you created a chat-bot to find and buy a movie ticket. And he bought it, but you did not go, because you forgot to program it for notification of the beginning of the session. And then you correct the mistakes and go to the next session.


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