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When choosing a SIEM-solution which can provide the company’s needs in the field of rapid response to information security incidents, many factors need to be considered. Some of them: supported data collection protocols, the quality work of the Threat Intelligence team, ease of scaling the solution, etc.

For business and large corporations, issues of trust to one or another vendor are also relevant. Heads of IT and ITSec-directions need to understand:

  • How long has the vendor been in the market for SIEM solutions?
  • Are there enough cases for implementation of the solution in the business or related business?
  • What are the market reviews from companies which are already using the product?

Most of these questions can be answered by experts from an independent research company Gartner. Gartner compiles an annual report, which analyzes SIEM-solutions, comparing their pros and cons. The result of this analysis is a graphical report with the distribution of vendors in four categories, called the magic quadrant of Gartner.

The quadrant has 4 planes (“leaders”, “pretenders”, “visionaries”, “niche players”). According to internal metrics, Gartner considers it the most expedient to use SIEM-solutions in the IT infrastructure, which are included in the “Leaders” plane. Suppliers of such products demonstrate consistently high levels of customer satisfaction and provide reliable technical support.

According to the latest Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management, the IBM QRadar SIEM system took the leading position among SIEM solutions last year. It should be noted that IBM QRadar is not in this category for the first time – the SIEM IBM system has become an “Leader” category every year for the last ten years, with competing solutions periodically moving between contiguous planes of the quadrant.



The leading position among SIEM-systems is the result of planned policy of solution development for many years. At the moment, IBM QRadar SIEM – uses advanced technologies to create efficient SOC, such as machine learning, behavioral analysis of users, vulnerability management mechanisms, Threat Intelligence bases and Artificial Intelligence system.

Integrity Vision, together with IBM, offers services to create effective SOC’a based on IBM QRadar solutions. Easy scalability and multifunctionality of the solution will ensure an effective and timely response to new information security incidents. Integrity Vision is ready to conduct pilot testing of the product in any organization that needs a reliable information security system.

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