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What is attention?

Attention is the key to everything. Where is attention – there is energy, thought and your whole life. We usually spray on 101 tasks at the same time and, all in all, we do not achieve the result we wanted. The point is not what you are paying attention to, but how much attention you pay to this or that matter. If the mind of a person will pay enough attention to something, there will not be anything in the universe that we would not have discovered. No need to choose what to pay attention to – you need to develop the ability to pay attention with a high level of intensity.

Attention is essentially the same time management, but with different accents:

  • Setting goals – the definition of benchmarks that we decide to keep our focus;
  • Planning – distribution of attention on projects;
  • Execution – in fact, focusing and holding attention;
  • Delegation– the release of their attention and the direction of attention of the subordinate to the key points;
  • The formation of lists – the focus of attention on what is needed, and what is not needed – remains behind the focus.

Attention is a flashlight

Imagine, that your attention is a flashlight and you consciously focus it on certain information. Everything around us is a certain system that we distribute into blocks: family, work, personal life, friends, leisure, health, and so on. We constantly break one ray of a lantern into many small ones and try to illuminate all spheres of our life. Giving only 10% of the light to each block – we get the result in the equivalent of 10%. At the same time, we have been fighting for a very long time to achieve at least this effect. Moreover, this tactic takes away from us a lot of energy and time.

As soon as we stop crushing the light and focus on one block, giving out a glow in one big beam, we get a result of 100%. It is important to be able to hold the lamp for a long time in one direction and keep it constantly charged.

  • Define business goals – make an informed decision that we should keep in mind, do not interrupt if it is not a fire or air-raid siren. Got an idea – write it down;
  • Make the plan of the working day – define the scope of work, select the main and secondary tasks;
  • Do not use over-focusing – focus on the goal, but do not forget to see what is happening around, pay attention to it;
  • Eliminate garbage – consume only the necessary information, watch what is important for you where it is reliable;
  • The balance of work and rest – just relax and do not overload the brain – this will help him work more productively;
  • Perform alternately – the fact that we are able to do several things at the same time – an illusion that leads to stress.

Time to get your attention back

When in the modern world there is a struggle for your attention – it is important to know how to manage it. What will help you to get your attention and focus on the main thing?

Meditation – for developing awareness, which helps to be fully in the present moment. It reduces stress, helps to relax and move away from all distractions. Everything is quite simple: you sit down and concentrate on one thing, most often on your breathing.

Single-tasking – multitasking harms the brain. Every time you switch from one thing to another, the brain experiences extra stress, and the ability to concentrate on a new task decreases. Mono-tasking helps to work more productively and teaches a long time to focus on one subject.

Regular removal – when you pull out the phone to go to the social network, or when the 10-minute break on the Internet stretches for a whole hour, your brain creates a loop of habit, which is strengthened with each subsequent repetition. Try to keep away from such distractions regularly. For example, check mail and notifications at a certain time of the day, and don’t take a smartphone and a laptop in your hands once or twice a week.

Mastering the techniques of attention control is not difficult, but the result of their use is incredible! You will become much more efficient and productive than now. You will have more time in less time, and the results of your labors will always delight you and everyone around you.

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