Doing planks every day – health, sport and discipline

Integrity Vision team participates in various sport competitions such as Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon, Chestnut Run and Nova Poshta Kyiv Half Marathon from year to year. For example, tomorrow our team will take part in the obstacle run, Legion Run. What is our secret of constant fighting spirit and readiness for such events? There are many sports and other activities in the company. Plank-marathon is one of them.
Every day we do the exercise and share results in group chat of ‘marathoners’. Activity lasts for one year and a half. It is time to tell you about the beginning of the marathon and how good it is. The participants of the marathon answered several questions. Let their answers inspire you to try your hand at doing plank exercises.

  1. Why did you decide to take part in Plank-marathon?
  2. Had you ever made plank exercises before you joined Integrity Vision?
  3. What were your results when you started the first time and now?
  4. At what time do you prefer to do the exercise and what do you like more – a static or a dynamic plank?
  5. What is Plank-marathon for you? Does it affect other life aspects?
  6. What are your goals in this activity?


Eraj, Head of Strategic Business Development

Once our team and I got the idea. We expanded it during the brainstorm and invented Plank-marathon. I take part in it with a pleasure, because I respect this exercise very much and feel unity with the team. Previously, my biggest result of doing a static plank was 5 minutes, but now – 7-8, I am not sure because I have not tested it for a long time. I prefer doing a plank in the morning. I alternate static and a dynamic plank depending on my well-being.

For me, participation in the marathon is a discipline, a will and a responsibility, as well as a great way to keep my stomach toned. I want my result to be 10 minutes, but I also want to feel it like 3 minutes.


Eugene, Digital marketing specialist

When I heard about Plank-marathon for the first time, I began to ask the participants for more details. One of them, told me that it’s an exercise of yogis that builds muscle tone and gives energy, but it should be done at least for a month, every day. So I decided to try. When I started, I did a plank for 20 seconds, but after 5 months of daily trainings my results increased to 3 minutes 15 seconds. I prefer to do a static plank. If I train in the morning morning (6-7 a.m.), I feel more energetic. In case I train in the evening, then it relieves stress and pain in muscles. Now I stand on my palms, but I want to stand on elbows for using social medias or reading books on the smartphone doing the exercise. This will make a plank not only useful, but also multifunctional.


Mikhail, Key Account Manager

Frankly, Inna helped me to take this challenge. At first, I refused, but then I quickly adjusted and it made me feel fantastic. I have never done this exercise before, so even a minute was very difficult for me – with a shaking of the whole body. Now I do a static plank for 3 minutes, but I want achieve 4,5,6,7 minutes. I prefer to do a plank only in the morning. It has a refreshing effect for me, like a cup of fresh coffee. In addition, participation in the activity has improved the condition of the whole body, especially my back.


Oksana, Project Manager

I have never done this exercise before, but after I joined the marathon, I realized that, despite my result was 20 seconds, I like this type of training. Now I do a plank for 3 minutes, but my goal is to do the exercise as long as possible. In general, I think that a plank is an excellent physical exercise, abs workout and a powerful way to master self-discipline. It is also a convenient way to keep fit, because you can do a plank exercise anytime and anywhere. It is much easier to implement other good habits into your life by doing it every day. Last but not least,, it’s nice to feel like a hero after each plank and being proud of yourself.


Anton, Marketer

Firstly, in my opinion, a plank is an excellent basic exercise for all muscle groups. If you do it correctly, then whole body works. It is important to say that, you can determine your weaknesses and understand which muscles should be strengthen, doing this kind of training, to achieve proportionality and endurance. Regarding Plank-marathon, I can say that it is cool when people at work are united by a common challenge. I am very grateful to those who came up with such activity, because it is important that people who work in the office do not forget about physical training. My goal is to do the exercise longer but correctly. There are no problems with the last, but I need to reach the results that my colleagues have already achieved.

Mila, Head of Software Solutions Department

I decided to take part in Plank-marathon, after I heard my colleague opinion about good influence of the activity on health. Doing a plank daily has a permanent effect, which is visible over time. When I started, my result was 3 minutes. Until now the longest time I have done a dynamic plank was 25 minutes, a static – 7 minutes. I prefer to do the exercise in the evening because it helps me to relax, to turn off thoughts and to concentrate. Also it is ideal to do meditative practices. Choosing what’s better a dynamic plank or a static plank, I will choose the first, but sometimes I just want to do a static plank. In my opinion, it helps the immune system. Maybe it is a coincidence, but after I had joined the marathon, I stopped catching viral and respiratory infections for the last 1.5 years. I was in good health even when my colleagues from the office fell ill for the second time in the same period. My goal is to train a discipline. You have to say to yourself, “you must” and do it when you are tired, want to sleep, or have activities that are more fun than doing a plank. It helps to be disciplined in other things, for example, in doing my English homework.


Elena, Business Analyst

Before Plank-marathon, I did this exercise, but I wanted something more, so I decided to take part in the activity. My goal was to train systematically. I improved my results from 1 minute to 2-3, doing the exercise every morning and combining a static and a dynamic plank. The advantage is that even without doing other physical activities a plank allows me to maintain muscle tone. If you do the exercise regularly, you will get a useful skill to achieve different goals and learn something new.


Marina, Head of Marketing

It was very interesting for me to participate into such a useful team activity when this initiative was created. Previously, I was familiar with this exercise, but not enough. Thanks to the marathon, I realized and felt the enormous benefits of this exercise from my own experience. A year and a half ago, when we started, I barely could to do the exercise for 2 minutes, but with a loss of quality. Now, I do a static plank for 7:30 minutes every day. I like doing the exercise in the morning. It allows the body to wake up quickly and to get a charge of vivacity. I noticed that it’s more difficult for the body to repeat the morning results in the evening, after daily routines. Just one exercise has become an important element of self-discipline. I know that every day, by all means, I have to do a plank. This taught me to develop iron rules in my life, which I follow no matter what. In addition, as for me Plank-marathon is a constant development of myself, when I always strive to improve doing of exercise, increase time and never give up. I know that I will do it even if the whole body screams that it can no longer. Thanks to our Plank-marathon, my abs, arms, back, and, most importantly, my will power, have significantly strengthened. It says that 10 minutes of a static plank is the best thing you can do for your body daily, because then all the vital centers of a person become activated. I will move towards this goal.


Oleg, Head of Cybersecurity Division

I share healthy style of life, and a plank is a great exercise that helps me to keep fit. I was not familiar with the exercise before the marathon appeared in Integrity Vision. I started with 10-15 seconds, like everyone else and did it in the wrong way. Participating into the group activity helps to avoid slacklining. This encourages me to maintain the existing result and improve it.


Julia, Key Account Manager

I am very active person in general and always try to take part in different sports events and initiatives. I began doing a plank for the first time when I joined our Plank-marathon group.

At first, even 30 seconds seemed like an eternity. Over time, I reached a level – Signor Static (7 minutes). Doing a dynamic plank is much easier for me, but doing a static one is a real challenge. Then I started to train only in the morning, because it is harder. I also combined the exercise with yoga. I stopped searching for simple ways, for example, I no longer listen to music while training. I practice a calm state when the focus of attention is transferred specifically to a breath. Then I am in some kind of meditation – this is unforgettable sensation. Only with this approach, I realized that I can do a plank much longer, the main thing is to turn off thoughts, not look at the timer, “turn on” strong legs and arms.

Plank-marathon became a part of my life. Thanks to it, I understand that any skill can be developed. It’s like a model for achieving goals – once you get the desired result, then you want to be in this state constantly. I understand that there is nothing impossible – if at least one person in the world has managed to do it, then I and others would also be able to.


Yaroslav, Key Account Manager

I considered participation in the marathon as an opportunity to try a new exercise. Once i read something about the exercise, but I couldn’t even imagine that it would fascinate me so much and change my views on some points. As the Turtle from Panda Kung Fu said: “There are no accidents!”

Before the start of our marathon, I have found out that one my friend could to do a plank for three minutes. I decided that it was probably boring to train longer. When I tried, I didn’t even think that it would be so difficult. A month later, he wrote that he could to do an exercise for 6 minutes and I decided that I also want to. Then, the Plank-marathon began in our company. After a year of daily exercising, I was able to do a static plank for 14 minutes and 15 seconds. I expended discipline gained during practicing Plank-marathon to other hobbies that need systematic approach.

Thanks to a plank, I started feeling time much better. After recovery, I will increase the time of doing a plank to get closer to results of our permanent leader of the marathon, Inna Solovieva.


Olga, HR Manager

I joined after the marathon started. I have never exercised a plank before, so I wanted to test own capabilities. I remember how I started doing an exercise for 1 minute. Now I usually do a static plank for 3 minutes on my elbows, sometimes – a dynamics plank for 3-5 minutes. I always find something new in the marathon: firstly I wanted to go through a marathon and get to the finish line, then I tried cool dynamic plank, now it is a self-discipline. I prefer to do a plank in the evening, at 21.00-23.00. In the start my husband did a plank with me and it was great to train together. This exercise builds up my muscle tone and discipline.


Anna, Tender Specialist in Public Procurement

Taking part in Plank-marathon was originally motivated by interest. Previously, I was not involved in such activities where you need to do something daily and share your results. It was a challenge for me – would I be able to follow all the rules of this marathon? How long?

My biggest result was about 2:30 minutes of doing a plank, but I could not do it every day. The goal at that time was to training, as it seemed to me, as long as possible. 13 minutes of doing a static plank was my best result for all the time of the marathon. Although most likely that it is not a result, but a time that I would like to achieve in daily trainings.
For me, Plank-marathon is already an integral part of my life. Participation in it favorably affects not only my body, but also the ability to be disciplined in other spheres of life. I see how daily doing of something, even for 10 minutes growth the result and you gain confidence in yourself and your strengths. Thanks to all the organizers and participants of this marathon.

Inna, CEO

I did a plank from time to time before the start of the marathon in the company. At that time, i did yoga and a plank was a good addition and help in trainings.

When we started my result was 5 minutes of a static plank, now 11. For the sake of interest, I decided to check how much I could stand. I achieved the result of 26 minutes (kneaded the shoulder joints while doing).

I like to do the exercise in morning, after yoga. The body is warmed up and is ready for a plank. In fact, I never have a special preference between a static and a dynamic plank but the first gives me more strain and tone for the body.

This exercise provides a good training, health, team play, personal discipline, which over time develops into a good habit. This is a good example for children and they also join. They can not do the correct plank at the first try, but they will remember that their parent exercised a lot every day.

I have no particular goals. I just do it because it’s a good training of internal discipline and attitude towards myself. It is interesting to look through the process of changes in the body, found the limit of my possibilities and try to increase it. It is interesting to observe how the muscles adapt to increasing time of training. At last, where is the limit of human capabilities?

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