A couple of team management tips

Mila Podgornaya

Head of Software Solutions Department, Project Manager at Integrity Vision
Mila Podgornaya is a project management professional with more than 10 years of experience, a SCRUM master.
Mila Podgornaya

Do not forget that the project is made by people (team)

There are cases when PMs, without knowing it, shift their attention only to certain areas: the relations with the Customer (after all, he pays us money), the budget/time/quality triangle – (this affects bonuses), and forgets about his team. The team is the people who help and implement the project to the end, make it successful and give the Customer the value that he expects as a result. If you lost the focus of the team, you wouldn`t have the success in this project!


Do not limit yourself, considering that all the key decisions on the project to take only you

You can not build a relationship with the team in the way they believe that you are the last point of decision making. In this case, the initiative of the team members is lost and the factor of personal responsibility leaves. Colleagues have a question: why they should “turn on the head” and suggest their own initiatives, which “lean back”. Why do they should to take responsibility for making decisions, if it is easier to say: “I did it in the way, as I was told!”. If someone practiced such a model, he would kill creativity and responsibility in his team.


Create a trusting atmosphere within the team

The person in the team should not be afraid to express their opinions. When the employee can speak out, give his vision, and the manager also applies it in practice – the employee feels that his opinion is valued and, moreover, he feels his contribution to the result. This is important in terms of motivation because you can’t hold employees only with a salary for a long time.


Search for optimal solutions with the team

You can not suppress others` ideas, even if they seem to be completely absurd. You should model the discussion in the way, those other team members will have an opportunity and a wish about asking clarifying questions. The initiator of idea could argue why it is important or reject the proposal if it’s not optimal. Or he can supplement it with other options and ideas that will be born in the process of discussion.


Be more human

We spend so many time on work, with our teams. You should try to go beyond the frameworks, to think not only about efficiency, expediency and with a focus on results. You can add more fun to the work process, so that your team could enjoy their work and you along with them!

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