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Inna Solovyova – CEO and co-founder of Integrity Vision. She is a professional in system integration with over 15 years of experience. One of the first women in Ukrainian IT.
Inna Solovyova

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I feel childishly happy every time I am back home after business trips or journeys. Today, watching our city from the car window, I once again felt that I wholeheartedly love Kiev and Ukraine. I heard only kind words from many people who visited Ukraine. There are those who fall in love with Ukraine and stay to live, because of finding their peace and comfort here. After all, we have magnificent nature and wonderful climate that allows you to feel every season of the year in all its glory. Winter tickles us with an abundance of snow and severe frosts, but then it passes into blooming spring, hot summer and bright autumn. The most important is that we have wonderful people who are really capable of much, and they have a sense of dignity and genuine love for the homeland. We are proud to sing the anthem in the beautiful Ukrainian language, and our children are happy to do the same.

I always regret seeing how many young people leave Ukraine. Other countries focus on the education of their citizens, but we have a drain of people, brain and intelligence. The most of the emigrants are highly qualified specialists who could be so helpful here. Various economic factors instigate talented young people to move to the states where their skills will be appreciated. But I dream that one day they all will return and be happy at home. Now, for example, many innovative IT-projects are being created in Ukraine, but not for it. Therefore, I dream that someday all this potential will be directed inside the country. Imagine what would be if all the outstanding physicists, physicians, biologists, technologists, artists, engineers stayed. If employers could provide them with appropriate working conditions they would make new discoveries, create useful products, create and constantly develop their potential and the potential of Ukraine. We were born here in Ukraine not just like that! I believe that for something important!

In any case, the internal state of the nation, the perception of what is happening and life in general, have changed significantly over the past 25 years. Over the years, the world has learned that Ukrainians can stand up for their rights and dignity, and it costs a lot. There is a wonderful saying – “If you want to change the world, start with yourself.” We are changing and this is very important, because our children will be different and it means that Ukraine will be different. Maybe someone will say that how many things have been done abroad during this time, that people live better, and so on. Yes, probably everything is not as fast as we would like, but the pace of change is contained in each of us. If we want quick changes around we need to accelerate our changes. If this understanding comes to everyone, then Ukraine will change faster.

On your small plot of land, in the family, company, department or corner – it is important to do and change by your heart! Just do everything that is possible by 150%. It’s like building a house – just do and build it brick by brick. Every day lay bricks and add mortar. To make the house strong and beautiful, it is necessary to build professionally and with soul. The soul will give beauty to the building, and professionalism – reliability.

No matter who you are, let’s just do it with a soul and professionally. Only then we can see good roads on the streets of the country, clean sidewalks, healthy and smiling people, beautiful and reliable houses, and simply happy Ukraine!

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