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We are glad to share with you a review for the March and give food for thought this weekend.

Your online security

Facebook’s privacy. Passwords of millions of Facebook users are publicly available. Facebook has made an official statement about finding such a problem. The company promised to notify everyone, whose passwords they found and assure that these data were not used. Among the data breaches: passwords of hundreds of millions of users of Facebook Lite, tens of millions of other users of the social network, as well as tens of thousands of Instagram users. The social network team recommends changing passwords.

Research about data on USB-drives. When buying a used USB drive, you can identify the previous owner. According to a new survey by the University of Hertfordshire and commissioned by Comparitech, 68 percent of used USB drives that were sold in the US, and 67 percent in the UK still, contain recoverable data from their previous owners. In the course of the study, information of a different nature was found, including personal information. Many people don’t format flash drives at all and therefore it is very easy to recover even deleted information. Experts recommend formatting the device, or completely destroy the drives.

8 rules of conduct in the network. The Director of Technical Policy at Microsoft Ukraine, Mikhail Shmelyov, prepared for Mind publication eight simple rules that will help Ukrainian users to protect themselves and their data from cyber threats. Mikhail believes that the most vulnerable in the network are the millennials and the Z generation, but we recommend that everyone familiarize themselves with these very simple rules and feel protected.

Software and it’s testing

Software value. Definition and assessment of the value of the developed software using the conceptual model of business analysis BACCM. As a bonus, the author offers a flexible methodology for assessing the values ​​- “planning poker” in the so-called T-shirt sizes – S, M, L, XL, XXL. This approach optimizes resources and time for the implementation of the functional.

Trends in software testing in 2019. In the software industry, everything is very fleeting, and this short article gives us an understanding of what trends in the field are relevant now. For example, adaptation to Agile, machine learning in testing, increased use of DevOps, different types of testing, fast delivery cycle, and others.

Mission: to understand the customer. Tests as requirements or how to help the software customer get what he wanted after development and testing. Learn the method of specification based on examples, consider all the risks and possible difficulties and then it will be easier for you to communicate with the customer. “Correct software and software, that done correctly – are completely different things” – did you know about it?


Bill Gates on the global development goals. An annual open letter from Microsoft CEO – Bill Gates and his wife Melinda. This letter does not apply to the IT-market, but it directly falls under the goals of UN development. These are 9 topical tasks aimed at overcoming poverty, preserving the climate, fighting gender inequality, responsible consumption, and other important things. Bill and Melinda reveal their approach to the problem and their vision of its solution.

A history of failure or “How I did not become an expert in machine learning”. The story of a man who “caught fire” with the topic of Machine Learning, moved to Germany to look for work and settle in this area, but he did not succeed.

50 serious errors in testing and design. When developing any product and packaging it is necessary to be extremely careful, which proves this material. Misses and lack of test can affect people’s lives. Read the material and always remember these cases.

Develop and grow up

Rejection of gadgets is a trend. Read about how various companies help us in limiting contact with technology and why it is useful for us. We already talked about digital detox in the February digest, and our attention management tips will help you withstand informational storming.

We wish you wonderful mood, protection in the network, relax from digital technology and the lack of snow in April!

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