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Every day conversations in Integrity Vision revolve around one axis: system integration, chat-bots, cybersecurity and other things from the world of IT-technologies. We dilute this all the time with the question “when is there already a volleyball tournament?” Or with a cheerful statement: “Fruit Friday soon”.

On the eve of the Independence Day of Ukraine, we wanted to talk not about work: we discussed the theme of love to our country. Our team did not expect to speak on this topic for so long, to find so many reasons to be here, and to explain so differently. We have united the love of each of us into one whole and see what we have achieved.

For its boundlessly beautiful nature: from deserts and forests to the seas and mountains. My friends and I often travel around Ukraine and admire these species. This year we visited Fr. Jarylgach is a kind of Ukrainian Maldives. But most of all, the reunion of the blue sky and the wheat field, which resemble the living flag of Ukraine, inspires.

Denis Chuev, Business Analyst

For its diversity, both people and architecture: in every city there are differences and their own zest. It does not matter: whether it’s a city, a district or a village – there is a Soul in it. Ukrainian, independent, fighting and, at the same time, a sweet, kind and sympathetic soul …

Artem Koval, Information Security Manager

For the infinite creative potential of our people. The Ukrainian song, with its melodiousness, sincerity and depth, flows from the heart and carries Love around the world.

Anya Khudenko, Tender specialist

For the beautiful nature: driving through fields, mountains and seas, you marvel at the power of nature; for the strong spirit of freedom of the Ukrainian people; for the inventions of Ukrainians, whose analogs can not be made by others, their diligence and sincere desire to improve their native land.

Anya Goncharuk, Office Manager

Because all the best moments of my life, presented to me by the Lord, take place on this blessed God of the earth!

Yaroslav Kladnitsky, Sales manager

For native people, for a special atmosphere at the family table. For a sunflower field and field flowers, for a special taste of fruit from his father’s garden. Over the seas and rivers, for autumn mushroom gifts and winter drifts.

Ira Cherevchenko, marketing manager

Irrational love for the soul and rebellious spirit. And I love my memories, where there are pastures; summer spent at home with grandmother; where is the Christmas Eve and morning bells with friends.

Vadim Sasa, Programmer engineer

For people: their openness, sincerity, sincerity, which you feel in every person, wherever you meet him. Ukrainians differ in that they quickly catch fire with new ideas, find opportunities and always confidently go to their goals. It was in them that I found my formula Integrity Vision.

Inna Solovieva, General Director

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