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Today we are suffering from a lack of free time: we refuse services and products not only to stand in a queue and to waste time on the road. Society enters the world of digital, automates and accelerates all sorts of everyday processes, using the Internet and all sorts of devices. To help customers fit current market needs and to quickly digitalized communication channels, Integrity Vision has created Integrity Bot Sore.

Innovative platform Integrity Bot Store is able to solve the challenges of modern business. IBS is a digital platform for quickly creating and launching chat bots for business. Three pillars of IBS work: business process automation (BPM), flexible integration, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Chat bot is a benefit for customers and the company, because using this tool you can increase business profits or optimize costs – depending on the goals and strategy of the company in the long and short term. The goal of increasing revenue through chat-bot will be achieved through: attracting new customers, retaining customers due to the involvement of users, sales in the new channel. Cost optimization with the help of a chat bot is a reduction in the cost of a lead, optimization of internal corporate processes, and a reduction in operating costs.

Future plans

The Integrity Bot Store product is constantly being improved and our company is making the changes necessary for the market today. In the picture we demonstrate what features for the platform are planned in the near future.

Now, the advantages of the IBS product have already been felt by the example of Alfa Insurance, which have already launched a chat bot selling insurance policies for CTP “YourAlfaBot”: Read more about this in the material of the Network and Business magazine.

Soon we will share with you other cases of introducing a chat bot on the IBS platform into the business.

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