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Today is the last day of February, which means it’s time to release our digest. We will tell you about new products that have entered the market, threats and vulnerabilities, as well as give useful information for the brain in the direction of time management.

Conference CPX360 about IT security

This month, the Check Point Experience – CPX360 conference took place. Check Point solutions in 2018 blocked more than 100 million unknown attacks, and the ThreatCloud security service monitored 86 billion compromise rates per day. Gil Shved – the founder and CEO of the company, in his report highlighted three areas of IT security.

  1. The first direction – for a very long time, we lived with a mindset focused on identifying attacks. We were attacked and only then analyzed, identified and eliminated vulnerabilities. Now we need to develop the mindset of preventing attacks;
  2. The second direction – according to Check Point graduation, there are five generations of “attacks”: viruses, networks, application vulnerabilities, polymorphic content, multi-vector and large-scale threats. Most companies are now coping with the first three, while the fourth generation era has arrived, in which attacks are directed at all resources, including cloud and IoT. In terms of this, the company introduced nano-agents that will cover the entire infrastructure and give visibility for building integrated security;
  3. The third direction – the complexity of the attacks will double in the next few years, already now there are 16 common attack vectors and 26 technological categories.

Vulnerability WinRar: more than 500 million users are under the threat

WinRAR found a vulnerability affecting all versions of the archiver for 19 years. If the victim unpacks the malicious archive, the attacker will be able to remotely execute the code on his system and gain complete control over the device. What to do? Upgrade to WinRAR 5.70 Beta 1, where the vulnerable ACE library has been removed.

The world’s first micro-SD memory card with a capacity of 1 TB

Already two brands have released a new product on the market – a microSD memory card with a volume of 1 terabyte. Earlier cards of this size were not issued. Micron presented its card, which has a read speed of up to 100 Mb / s and a write speed of up to 95 Mb / s. Micron has not yet announced the release date and price of the card. The Western Digital company card under the SanDisk brand allows you to work with files up to 160 mb / s, will go on sale in April at a cost of $450.

QA digest

How to start using Capability Maturity Model Integration or, in simple words, the first steps. Material about the establishment of testing processes in order to understand where to go next, depending on the size and volume of the project.

Product management

Without a clear definition, any even the most useful concept helps little in making decisions. Everyone wants to product \ market fit, but few understand that this is in fact and by what metrics it is measured. Test various product / market fit criteria with GoPractice material.

All on Scrum

Did you know that by Scrum one can disassemble a person according to the neurological levels of the Dilts pyramid? Here you and the mission, and values. But at the same time, the values ​​of people can be interpreted by everyone in different ways and then difficulties and misunderstandings arise. On the difficulties, values ​​and practices of applying the Scrum methodology is a wonderful material with infographics on Habr.

Digital detox in the modern digital world

We ourselves do not notice how much time we spend with the devices in our hands. In the office we sit at the laptops, at lunch we search frantically for something on the phone, when we spend time with friends – we constantly update messengers, but what can we say: sometimes we don’t even release the phone while driving and doing the updating of the tape. Unit citizen released a study on digital detox, which describes what can happen when the devices gain power over their owners and various ways to prevent this.

Practical time optimization cases

Time-management is effective in work – it teaches us to perform more tasks in a short period of time, to be proactive and achieve maximum results. The real examples and stories are known to the expert in this field – Oleg Braginsky, the founder of the “School Troubleshooter”, who has experience working on 200 projects in 23 industries and 46 countries. In the practical case of Oleg Braginsky, you can hear about an integrated approach to time management and find a middle ground for yourself, so as not to turn into a robot and not completely burn out in one day.


So watch the video and plan your time efficiently! And do not forget that we recently released material about the Eisenhower Matrix, which will be a wonderful addition to the lecture.

Rejoice in the sun, and give your brain some useful information.

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