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The May holidays have already passed, there are active working days ahead, which means it’s time to get involved in the work. I prepared an April IT-digest that will help you get back to workflows easily and painlessly.

Online behavior: security and data integrity

Preservation of passwords and data. Authoritative Forbes talked about password security through password managers and explained why they should be used. I’ll tell you the story, as I understood it. Somehow, the anti-drug administration demanded all the data from the LastPass password manager of one drug suspect. The system does not have complete information, even to search for this criminal. They were able to provide only the IP addresses used by the suspect and information about when the account was created and when it was last used. With this information, the offender was able to find and expose. But, access to the account and logins inside failed even to the police after a thorough study of this issue.

I always thought that these password managers are completely insecure. It turns out that user passwords stored on LogMeIn servers are made only in encrypted form and only users can decrypt them. For example, 1Password follow the same policy – they make accessing user data as complex as possible. Therefore, if you use password managers, you should know that it’s almost impossible to pull out information about you from there.

Facebook continues to use your data. Since 2016, Facebook has directly collected 1.5 million contact books from users’ mail. Last month, the social network stopped offering verification via email password. Representatives of the company claim that the contacts have not been transferred to anyone, and now the process of their removal is underway. Be sure to check your Facebook settings.

Windows 10 updates. Remember, earlier we had to remove the USB flash drive from a laptop only in safe mode? Now we will save more time when we remove the flash drive from our devices. In the new Windows 10 update, there is a “quick delete” function, which allows you to remove the disk at any time without additional actions.

Get yourself away from everywhere. Many of us were faced with the desire to remove your account from any service/site. Sometimes this process becomes too complicated. The Just Delete Me service contains supported sites, which are marked in green, yellow, red or black depending on the complexity of the account deletion process.

April IT-world stories

Product Manager in IT companies. Have you ever wondered who should go to product managers? I have read the UNIT Citizen research and want to share with you 4 insights about how the Product Manager should be. First of all, it’s not scary if your mind is not technical – the humanities often become PM. Secondly, young and ambitious people, with burning eyes, but with good background and experience are always welcome in this position. Thirdly, the most important skill – is to be able to communicate with people and love to do it. Fourth insight – an equally important skill is the ability to think analytically. If it’s about you, welcome to the world of Product Owners.

The best is the enemy of the good: 5 TED speeches on the “dark” side of perfectionism. Why do we sometimes just need to relax and not think about how to make everything perfect? Share with perfectionists around you.

The real detective on Habr. In April, I learned in Habr that the usual searching for a place for a romantic date with a sweetheart can serve as a good start for an action-packed detective story. Roma (I don’t know what his name is, but let him be Roma) found a site with renting small cinema halls for a private viewing. He made his choice and was ready for payment, but saw that the card data needed to be entered on an unprotected page of the same domain. And he began to fight evil. Remember how Tony Stark constantly canceled dates with Pepper, because he suddenly had to save the world? So Roma went to save the world from hackers and intruders. He fixed all the vulnerabilities, opened the admin panel of the site with a simple password and saw that there was a whole section called “bank cards” where a lot of user data was stored. It turned out that the settings were tied to the Telegram and the criminals were sent all the data in the messenger. So, the protagonist of our action-packed detective figured out the attacker. What can I say? Be careful, and know that you can be deceived even where you are not looking for a trick. And Roma is well done, there would be more such kind and brave superheroes in our world.

Interview with the author of the Linux kernel. Habr shared a detailed interview with Linus Torvalds. And I will share some of his thoughts that hooked me.

  1. Traditional PCs have lost their dominant position. Their functions quite calmly replace the tablet or phone.
  2. Social networking is a real disease. Likes and reposts are solid garbage. But e-mail is still working. The importance of letters should not be overestimated, if something important is really important – you will definitely be notified in another way.
  3. Linus says he joked about “the power of Linux over the world” for a very long time, but over time it seemed less and less comic. So, choose jokes that are not scary to joke.

The worst interface in the world. Flashmob on Reddit to create the worst sound management interface in the world. Just imagine if instead of the standard interface you had to use one of these …

If you have read it to the end, then you are already 80% productive and ready to perform work tasks even more efficiently than in this morning. The remaining 20% depends on you personally – implement my advises in life, share with colleagues and go on to conquer peaks not only in parks and forests for a picnic, but also in work KPI.

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