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Inside our company, there is a small community “Integrity Runners Team”. It all started with individual runs separately. Then a charitable “Chestnut Run” happened, then – the 3rd place of the team in Wizzair Kyiv City Marathon 2018. And now, we already have joint training on Obolonska quay we constantly share the results and support each other in small achievements, we gather in mini-groups and participate in local races. Today, 11 people from the company took part in the Nova Poshta Kyiv Half Marathon 2019 race. And each of us shared his inspiration for running.

Ability to negotiate with yourself

In the very process of running it is fascinating to eavesdrop on the internal dialogue. It seems that the body has already surrendered, and you are tired, boring, the brain resists, but there are only two ways out. The first one is to surrender, stop and stay the same as you are now or the second one – overcome yourself, remember your main goal, focus and overcome your “I can’t”. Agree with yourself: “let’s run another kilometer, just one kilometer!” And really run, and then repeat this phrase again and again until you achieve the desired result.

Shared: Anya Goncharuk

Ran: 5 km in 23 minutes 17 seconds

While I’m running, I listen: every time something new and non-standard, and sometimes a motivational monologue of a business coach, in order to spend time with a double benefit.

Challenge yourself

I have irregular and unstable relations with sports, although I have always tried to instill in myself a habit of sports activities. I do not like running and never loved. It’s more like a challenge – you just need to do that and run these 5-10-20 kilometers. A couple of months ago the book “Never Stop” by Marie Karachina fell into my hands, I read it and it’s motivated me very much. I even started to believe that once I can run a marathon.

Shared: Sergey Kukhar, Software Engineer

Ran: 10 km in 51 minutes 37 seconds

While I’m running, I listen to something that plays just like a soundtrack in life. Nothing sporty and unusual!

The destruction of  frameworks, the development of flexibility

I always want more: run more, go more, do more. The main thing is to do this productively, efficiently and consciously in relation to yourself. By practicing the functionality of my body – I feel like erasing frames in my head, which used to sound like “I can not do it.” So I develop the flexibility of body and mind: new opportunities open up before me and I easily overcome various obstacles. Also, I am motivated by the state of mind and body after jogging. The feeling of lightness and relaxation is an unauthorized luxury in our time, which I get through running.

Shared: Lena Tykhonovych, internet marketer

Ran: 6 km in 36 minutes 10 seconds

While I’m running, I listen most often Latin music, recently favorite track Jennifer Lopez – Dinero (this fantastic woman really inspires for an extra kilometer).

Development of fortitude

I run periods from university, but I really love to run only in the morning and only in an easy mode. It charges my day with positive and energy. The other options for jogging are not to my liking, but this does not mean that they should not be present in my life. The only thing I can say: fewer words – more things. If you decide to run – no need to wait for cool sneakers and beautiful athletic shape – put on, what you found in the closet and run. You do it for yourself, not for someone.

Shared: Vadym Sasa, Head of BPM

Ran: 21 km 97.5 meters in 1 hour 43 minutes 49 seconds

While I’m running, I listen to music collections for running on Google or silence.

The sense of belonging to a great common cause

I like to run because with regular workouts – your result improves. Understanding that you are competitive – you take part in big sporting events. It gives inexpressible emotions and sensations because you run along those streets and places where you can only travel by ordinary transport during normal times. And even despite the fact that you ran a long distance in a mass event, where thousands of people like you run in the same direction and with the same goal – all the same, while running you, are alone with yourself.

Shared: Denys Chuiev, Business Analyst

Ran: 5 km in 23 minutes 13 seconds

While I’m running, I listen what suits your mood is sometimes modern Ukrainian lyrics, and sometimes foreign driving songs of the 90s.

Taking care of your body

I run in order to keep fit. I used to think it was boring, but when I tried it, I could not stop. I like the process of running: it’s time for reflection and meditation. Now, running is a part of my life, because I really adhere to the meaning put into the proverb “in a healthy body is a healthy mind.”

Shared: Arsen Ambartsumov, Project Manager

Ran: 10 km in 60 minutes 34 seconds

While I’m running, I listen to nothing. I believe that the sounds of nature are more natural to the human ear, and therefore I run in the forest and enjoy the chirping of birds, the noise of trees from the wind.

Exit comfort zone

First of all, running for me is brain training. All my life I did not like running so much that I was ready to do anything, just not to run! I always avoided running because I was embarrassed. I was ashamed of not being able to and I don’t know how to properly, therefore I preferred something familiar — a bicycle or yoga. I like to meet my fears, to do what I had avoided before. I like to run, despite all the excuses and see the dynamics from jogging to jogging. I like how, after each run, the body shouts to me: “Thank you, Marina! Come on! ”- this is the best motivation.

Shared: Marina Korzhova, head of marketing.

Ran: 5 km in 30 minutes 7 seconds

While I’m running, I listen to my breath, the sound of footsteps and surrender to the process of running all the way to my ears.

The feeling of harmony with the body

I run only in nature: in the park, in the city, but not on a treadmill, this is how I feel harmony with the world around me. I like the aftertaste of running – when I feel every cell of my body and the languid tremor smoothly flows through all the muscles. I feel that I am here and now, I feel impulses, vibrations with different frequencies and this observation helps to be in some kind of trance stream of relaxation. Being consciously in this state is an extraordinary pleasure.

Shared: Yuliya Andriychuk, Sales Manager

Ran: 5 km in 27 minutes 43 seconds

While I’m running, I listen to music, sometimes English TV shows and dialogues. Periodically – just silence: I stop the internal dialogue, focusing on the sounds and sensations in the body.

Keeping fit

Honestly, I just don’t like running. But I love to combine it with other gaming activities. For example, I have been playing football for a long time, and in order to improve the result in a game, one must constantly run. It always stopped me to start running around the lack of desire and time. Our team helped me decide: in order to support the team spirit, I decided to take part in this relay.

Shared: Denys Tokovchuk, Software Engineer

Ran: 6 km in 27 minutes 55 seconds

While I’m running, I listen to silence.

The ability to find a way out and relieve stress

Before, I didn’t know what to do with unnecessary emotions and questions in my head. Now – I just take the sneakers, headphones and go for a run. In the process, I scroll through those situations that bother me and find many alternatives for the development of events. For me, running is a story about how to independently find a way out of any situation. How to calm down and exhale, even if you are on the verge of an emotional outburst.

Shared: Alina Voronenko, marketing specialist

Ran: 10 km in 55 minutes 23 seconds

While I’m running, I listen first, background music to the mood and my own thoughts, then audio books on development and relationships — this doubles the benefits of my time spent.

Switch and mentally relax

I used to not focus on that: I ran for the result and speed. And then I learned more about meditation, about how to run at my own pace – I tried and enjoyed it. Now for me, running is dynamic meditation. A state that helps to switch, mentally relax while playing sports. I like the state in which I enter. It turns out to get into a certain tunnel where thoughts are disconnected, time slows down. There is only a breath, step, second, exhale and silence.

Shared: Oleg Polovinko, Head of Cyber ​​Security Department

Ran: 21 km 97.5 meters in 1 hour 52 minutes 49 seconds

While I’m running, I listen to music, corresponding to the rhythm in which I run. It does not matter what it is, but the main thing is not to drive forward, knocking off the pace.

And yet, there is one common reason that has united us into a running community and makes us run. This is our team! We get high on the fact that we have common goals and a common love for sports. Team spirit helps us to conquer new heights together, holding hands. And this time in the Nova Poshta Kyiv Half Marathon 2019 race we already have two relay teams, 3 participants of the 10-kilometer distance and 2 half-marathon runners. Soon we will share with you the results of the relay run. In the meantime …

Let our stories, our experience, and small insights inspire you to run your first kilometer, or to break your own record – it does not matter. Feel this inspiration and go for a run, right now – take the first steps to meet you.

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