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Today is the International Yoga Day and a small holiday inside our company. For a year now, Integrity Vision had its own studio and started yoga classes. Someone began to study with interest from day one, someone joined cautiously that he was immediately made to do the twine, and someone joined to fix sedentary lifestyle. Yoga brought a lot of new things to our team: taught us to listen to ourselves and to each other, improved physical condition and refreshed minds. Now it is our internal tradition and a long-awaited time for ourselves. Today, the 10 most active yogees shared what inspires them to do yoga, what they enjoy and what results they have achieved.

Improved posture and well-being

Yoga is something new for me, most of the exercises are difficult, it is for these criteria I realized that this is mine. I enjoy the sensations after the class, when the whole body “sings”, I also like performing something that I was not able to do before  (I almost stand on my head), I like the atmosphere of the class. It is too early to talk about noticeable results, but I already feel that I have become more flexible and especially pleased that my back has stopped hurting. I also perform some exercises at home, which improves my posture and overall well-being.

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Going beyond your limits

I do yoga because I want to develop the flexibility of the body, to challenge myself. I like the real body and mind reload in the classroom. Over time, self-confidence, inner harmony, the ability to listen and really hear your body appears. The main result of the lessons is a constant going beyond their limits.

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Harmony of soul and body

For me, the most valuable thing is the state during and after yoga. I would even describe it as a state of magic in which I would like to constantly reside. Yoga brings harmony of soul and body – inner peace and fullness of vital energy. After an intense workday it helps a lot to recover, to focus the attention on yourself to the depth, being in the moment.

Key account manager

Getting over yourself

This is a good workout for muscle development and maintenance of tone. I would never have believed it before, but sometimes after yoga I feel more tired than it was after the hall with “iron”. In practice, I like to overcome myself, because some asanas seem to be impossible are great sources of motivation.. Yoga taught me to feel the muscles, the existence of which had never even guessed. Possibly increased the volume of the lungs – longer can not breathe under water. Constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible for myself. In general, yoga helps to keep fit.


Mindfulness training

Yoga taught me to return attention to my body, to track how you stand, how you sit, how you feel, how comfortable you are now. The main thing is that over time it began to work both in the classroom and beyond. Yoga fascinated me with this and this was the main discovery, because during practice you should be completely “here and now”, otherwise it will not work.


The ability to stop and look at yourself

Yoga allows me to fit the body without raping it. You need to be conscious and attentive to yourself and your body, find and look into yourself, find light and harmony. In practice I like smoothness, balance, focus of attention. Thanks to regular training, they began to get asanas. There was an understanding of how the muscles and joints, lungs and diaphragm work. Yoga helps to maintain in a healthy and working condition those areas in the body that require more attention.


The art of small steps

For me, yoga is a kind of sedative. That allows you to relax and concentrate on the most important in the bustle of life. After classes, I always feel clarity of mind, lightness in the body and good mood. Yoga taught me the art of small steps and patience. Since it does not always immediately turn out well and properly build up in asanas, and it seems that you will never be able to do what the yoga instructor shows and what the girls in the group do with ease. But constantly practicing, over time you begin to see the result and suddenly it turns out that which previously seemed incomprehensible. Doing yoga throughout the year, my body became more flexible and resilient. There were changes in my internal state – I became calmer, more collected and more confident in myself.

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Enjoying the process

I love doing my morning yoga. Like getting up early in order to devote time to the body, strengthen it and develop flexibility. I feel a pleasant pride that you find the strength to take care of yourself while everyone else is sleeping sweetly. Like to enjoy the process of practice, see how to develop the body and asanas are becoming better, more beautiful and more correct. As well as feelings after yoga – relaxation at the same time with the tone in the body and the feeling of harmony that accompany throughout the day. During the year of regular trainings, my body became more flexible, it turns out to stand on a headstand and now I have an understanding of the balance of the body and the internal state.


A new workout that trains all muscles 

My beloved job has one disadvantage – it is sedentary. Yoga is an excellent compensation. The thing I like about yoga is that it helps to control my body, and to train muscles that are omitted during gym workouts. So, I combine gym, running and yoga to harmoniously develop my body. I am doing yoga for only six months, but I’ve already got a small bonus – a noticeable improvement in my posture. 

BPM development manager

Taking care of yourself

Yoga is about taking care of yourself. I like this type of workout, because here you focus on your inner resources, learn how to feel your condition as well as how to create a distance between you and the external world. Yoga strengthens the mind and the body. Breathing practices clear the mind, balances help to find harmony in the body as well as in the mind, power asanas give restraint and boost energy, handstands teach how to overcome fear, and shavasana plunges into deep meditation at the end of the class. After one-year-long practice I realized that nothing is impossible. Discipline and trusting your yoga teacher will certainly lead to success. I have significantly improved my concentration, stamina and well-being. Also, I have developed inner peace and body confidence.

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We shared own experience to inspire you for taking the first class as well as to show that yoga is not about splits. It is about health, mindfulness and self-reliance.

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