The effectiveness of thinking strategies

The art of a commander, a design pattern, an activity plan — these and other definitions are means “strategy”. Why do we use it? Surely everyone will answer:…

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10 reasons to do yoga

Today is the International Yoga Day and a small holiday inside our company. For a year now, Integrity Vision had its own studio and started yoga classes. Someone…

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April IT-digest

The May holidays have already passed, there are active working days ahead, which means it's time to get involved in the work. I prepared an April IT-digest that…

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How to sleep?

Why is it important? Many studies that have proven that sleep directly affects the productivity and efficiency of the brain have been conducted. Leading companies in the world…

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11 reasons to start running today

Inside our company, there is a small community “Integrity Runners Team”. It all started with individual runs separately. Then a charitable “Chestnut Run” happened, then - the 3rd…

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March IT-digest

We are glad to share with you a review for the March and give food for thought this weekend. Your online security Facebook's privacy. Passwords of millions of…

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Bleed your attention

What is attention? Attention is the key to everything. Where is attention - there is energy, thought and your whole life. We usually spray on 101 tasks at…

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February IT-Digest

Today is the last day of February, which means it's time to release our digest. We will tell you about new products that have entered the market, threats…

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Time management squared

Why do we share this with you? You may be surprised to see this topic in the list of publications of our company. Therefore, we will first tell…

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IBS – digital business platform

Today we are suffering from a lack of free time: we refuse services and products not only to stand in a queue and to waste time on the…

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