My Ukraine

I feel childishly happy every time I am back home after business trips or journeys. Today, watching our city from the car window, I once again felt that…

Автор: Inna Solovyova


(Ru) Что делать с прокрастинацией?

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

Автор: Inna Solovyova


Sport – discipline or harmony?

Sport - is an inseparable part of my life for many years. I played professional sports in my youth: homework done during breaks, dinners were on the go,…

Автор: Inna Solovyova


Top 3 Integrity Vision trends

Every year the topic of trends becomes more and more relevant in the IT sector. Today I would like to talk about those trends that will be relevant…

Автор: Inna Solovyova
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