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All your customers are already in messengers

2 billion of monthly active users worldwide choose messengers as their main communication channel

More than 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human by 2020, Gartner
Chatbot conversations to deliver $8 billion in cost savings for businesses worldwide by 2022, Juniper Research
67% of customers worldwide used chat bots as a support service in 2017, Business Insider

Chabot’s implementation in business


Bots are used as a support service for both new and existing users. They are able to receive and process orders, collect feedback, organize promotional mailings and much more.

Processing of customers’ requests Orders processing Mailing


Messengers are the main channel for using bots for both entertainment and business purposes. The active audience of messengers is more than 2 billion people.

Telegram Facebook messenger Viber

Social Media

Bots are used in social network chats and are able to send invites to events, send mass comments to groups, automatically publish news, add subscribers and attract more likes.

Facebook Twitter Instagram

Chatbots advantages

Reduce costs from 30% to 90%

Shoot up to 40% of employees’ workload, who consult clients in online chats and on hotlines

Exclude customers’ loss due to conversation history saving.

24/7 support of unlimited number of customers

Investment return from 2 to 8 months

Solve customer’s issues through instant messaging
Improve your communication strategy, based on interaction experience with client
Understand the customer's need through question filtering
The latest technologies in messenger — animation, audio and video content

How we work

Our goal is not just to create a bot for you, but also to properly integrate a high-quality communication tool in your business system

Together we will go through all the stages of development, integration and testing process:

  1. Identification of needs and business process analysis
  2. Work scenario + UX
  3. Chatbot development
  4. Testing and launching
  5. Monitoring, optimization, analytics and control

Presentation bots


Bot can find the nearest gas station, inform you about promotion and make payment online, without leaving your car. It’s awesome because it saves your time and energy.


Assistant bot is able to calculate a MTPL insurance, arrange an insurance policy and to make a payment without leaving messenger.


A friendly pizza bot can help you to choose a type of pizza you want and order it in two clicks. Its main advantages are round-the-clock availability and absence of a human factor.

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